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Lecture Associated Notes

Lecture 1: History & Nuclear Spin

Lecture 2: Zeeman interaction, Larmor Frequency

Lecture 3, 4

Lecture 5, 6 Lecture 7 Lecture 8
Lecture 9: Spectral processing

Lecture 10, 11: Spectrometer, pulse sequences
  • Shimming (by Acorn NMR People) - everything you have ever wanted to know about it.
  • Lecture 12: NMR Interactions: Chemical shielding, Quadrupolar interaction

Lecture 13, 14: Spin-Spin Coupling: Direct Dipolar and Indirect J-Coupling

Lecture 15, 16:  Relaxation in NMR Lecture 17: Chemical Exchange

Lecture 18-20: Two Spins and Heteronuclear Correlation Transfer

Lectures 21-23: 2D NMR